Wire Forming

Presco Components has a growing wire-forming division supplying a range of products into the automotive industry including exhaust hanger brackets and bonnet components.

From simple wire-forms to more complex components with headed ends, our CNC equipment can produce a wide range of products to suit you specific requirements.

We work with the customer to optimize the product for weight, strength and value.

Additional processes include forming, welding, marking and stamping and a wide variety of finishes can be applied to match specific customer requirements.

Pressed Parts

Our range of press capacity allows us to produce parts with a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and materials. Parts can be produced in a variety of finishes and varying complexities.

Welded Assemblies

A common requirement is for studs, bolts or nuts to be welded to a pressed component. We provide assemblies welded and finished to your specifications.


Customer requirements often include the delivery of sub-assemblies ready for use. Even complex assembly requirements can be catered for.

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